Training Tuesday: Add This Six-Week Success Tracker to Your Training Toolbox

Looking for a way to re-focus on your food, movement, water, and sleep? Add this new six-week success tracker to your training toolbox!

Focus Friday: Love What You Have

Contentment is a financial principal that doesn't get the attention it deserves. In a world where bigger always appears to be better, sometimes the best strategy is to step back, take stock of what we already have, and continue to systematically step in the direction of our larger financial dreams!

Training Tuesday: Training for the Greater Good

This month, Derek is participating in the Tour of Sufferlandria to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's. In this video, Derek talks about the foundation, the tour, and what it means to train for something beyond ourselves.

Focus Friday: Using Food as Fuel

We use food for many reasons - to celebrate, to fuel our bodies, or to just spend time together with the people we care about! Continuing with the theme of gratitude, this week let's focus on food and how we can use it to fuel the activities that give us fulfillment and joy. How do … Continue reading Focus Friday: Using Food as Fuel

Training Tuesday: Three Talk Tracks to Boost Your Training Mentality

Negative training "talk tracks" can be turned around by developing these three "types" of talk-track personas: the friend, the professor, and the coach. The friend specializes in positive affirmation. The professor specializes in instruction, keeping your form on point. The coach is your own personal drill sergeant - pushing you to reach just beyond your comfort zone in order to grow.

Focus Friday: Use This Mindset to Increase Quality Time

Got 60 seconds? Here's a mindset check for us all as we focus on relationship over task this week!

Training Tuesday: How to Make the Best of the Training Time You Have

Learn how to budget your fitness blocks this week with this three-step process.

Focus Friday: Filling Your Gratitude Reserve

In this week's Focus Friday video, Stephanie talks about a strategy we can use to develop an attitude of gratitude. Share your gratitude practices in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more videos and updates to help change your mind, change your habits, and change your life!

Tri Tuesday: Using Moto-Mantras to Boost Your Training and Nutrition

Whether you're training for a 5k, a marathon, a triathlon, or another event, you’ve no doubt latched on to a few concepts, ideas, song lyrics, quotes, short prayers, or catch-phrases that keep you moving and motivated during the grind. We call these sound bites “moto-mantras”. They are battle cries we carry with us in life … Continue reading Tri Tuesday: Using Moto-Mantras to Boost Your Training and Nutrition

Throwing Anchors: Pulling Yourself to Your Most Audacious Goals

Systems are a key ingredient to success in goal achievement across all six focus factors. Whether it's losing weight, paying off debt, building wealth, or completing your first race, the success systems we build in fitness, finance, food, finance, faith, family, and fun all start with one concept - Anchoring. Anchoring is making a commitment … Continue reading Throwing Anchors: Pulling Yourself to Your Most Audacious Goals

Tri Tuesday: Run Your Own Race

In this installment of Tri Tuesdays, Derek talks about a mantra you can use to "run your own race" in training and on race day. We'd love to hear what you do to set goals, race your pace, and maintain self awareness. Comment below, and subscribe to our mailing list and YouTube Channel for more … Continue reading Tri Tuesday: Run Your Own Race

Find Your Financial Grit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Winning with money is not an easy path to walk. The experience can definitely feel like a walk through the mud. If financial success had a mascot, it would definitely be the iconic tortoise from "The Tortoise and the Hare." How does the Tortoise win with a clear disadvantage and the odds stacked against him? … Continue reading Find Your Financial Grit: A Step-by-Step Guide