Training Tuesday: Add This Six-Week Success Tracker to Your Training Toolbox

Daily disciplines are those bite-sized habits you practice every day as you pull yourself toward your anchors. In partnership with Ultimate Health and Performance, we are excited to offer you another tool for your Level One Life toolbox to help you define and track your own daily disciplines over six-week cycles. We call it the Six-Week Success Log.

This log will help you track your daily compliance in the fitness and food focus factors. Using it is simple:

Identify a daily goal in the four fundamental health categories of movement, meal plan, water, and sleep. Keep it simple, specific, and realistic. In other words, if you’ve never run a mile, don’t set out to run a mile every day for six-weeks as your movement goal. Instead, try upping your walking steps or at least capturing a consistent baseline for the cycle. Here are a few daily goal ideas to get you going:

Movement – Your daily goal could be a set number of walking steps, push-ups, or any other movement you’d like to focus on. It could also be a commitment to stick to a defined plan you may already be following as prescribed by a coach or other program like CrossFit, Spartan, Peloton, Beach Body, C25K, etc…

Meal Plan – Your daily calorie intake might be a goal here as well as your macro-nutrient consumption.

Water – Write down how much water you’d like to consume in a day, in ounces. The recommendations for daily water intake vary wildly, and make sure you account for your activity levels!

Sleep – Time to commit to one of the most important foundations of health – sleep. Set your nightly goal in hours and do your best to stick to it.

Once all your daily goals are written down at the top of the worksheet, simply check off the days you were compliant with your goals in each category. If you stuck to your meal plan, that day gets a check! If you hit your desired hours of sleep…you guess it, check! Checking off your compliant days will feel like a mini party, and will serve as it’s own kind of reward. It will also give you a way to stay accountable to yourself, since at the end of each week (and the entire six-week cycle), you will have a visual representation of your follow-through to the goals you set for yourself. Powerful stuff!

At the end of every six-week cycle, take stock of your trends, set new six-week goals, and carry on. Watch as small steps lead to huge results.

We love working with knowledgeable, proven thought leaders in the areas of health and nutrition. Ed Ten Eyck of Ultimate Health and Performance is one of those awesome people! UHP’s customized nutrition planning and focused performance programming have helped us realize some of our biggest health goals, and they can do the same for you! Check them out, schedule a consultation , and get ready to uncover your own ultimate health and performance.

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