Focus Friday: Food Over Fear

In this uncertain time with Coronavirus going around, and grocery stores selling out of some food items, gardening can be a good way to connect with food and stave off fear. It connects us back to the earth and seasons and answers the question: where does my food come from? Let's be mindful about food … Continue reading Focus Friday: Food Over Fear

Focus Friday: Mindful Kids

This week Stephanie talks about resources to encourage mindfulness in children. There are some great books out there to encourage kids to deal with emotions, acknowledge their needs, and bring themselves back to the moment.

Focus Friday: Mindful Faith

This week's Focus Friday video starts a fresh cycle through the focus factors, this time with the theme of mindfulness. Stephanie shares her experience this past few weeks with starting a meditation practice, and some thoughts about how it's helped her. How do you pause during your daily grind to be more mindful, especially when … Continue reading Focus Friday: Mindful Faith

Focus Friday: Don’t Let the Fun Times Slip By

Life is hectic. Sometimes it's all we can do to hold on and get through without losing our marbles. Unfortunately, when we don't lift our heads up to enjoy the fun moments with friends and family when we have them, those moments can slip by unnoticed. Moments turn into days, day into weeks, and weeks … Continue reading Focus Friday: Don’t Let the Fun Times Slip By

Focus Friday: Made to Move

We're meant to use our bodies to get moving and enjoy all that life and our surroundings have to offer! What motivates you to move on your path to a level one life? This week, Stephanie talks about taking steps to re-align with the your fitness goals, becoming the you you've always wanted to be. Share your fitness goals on social media with the hashtags #LevelOneLife and #MadeToMove.

Training Tuesday: Add This Six-Week Success Tracker to Your Training Toolbox

Looking for a way to re-focus on your food, movement, water, and sleep? Add this new six-week success tracker to your training toolbox!

Focus Friday: Love What You Have

Contentment is a financial principal that doesn't get the attention it deserves. In a world where bigger always appears to be better, sometimes the best strategy is to step back, take stock of what we already have, and continue to systematically step in the direction of our larger financial dreams!

Training Tuesday: Training for the Greater Good

This month, Derek is participating in the Tour of Sufferlandria to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's. In this video, Derek talks about the foundation, the tour, and what it means to train for something beyond ourselves.

Training Tuesday: Three Talk Tracks to Boost Your Training Mentality

Negative training "talk tracks" can be turned around by developing these three "types" of talk-track personas: the friend, the professor, and the coach. The friend specializes in positive affirmation. The professor specializes in instruction, keeping your form on point. The coach is your own personal drill sergeant - pushing you to reach just beyond your comfort zone in order to grow.

Focus Friday: Use This Mindset to Increase Quality Time

Got 60 seconds? Here's a mindset check for us all as we focus on relationship over task this week!

Training Tuesday: How to Make the Best of the Training Time You Have

Learn how to budget your fitness blocks this week with this three-step process.