Training Tuesday: Training for the Greater Good

Level One Motivators are people or causes that can benefit from the hard training you’re already doing day in and day out. Additionally, drawing strength from external motivators such as these can help us tap into an energy well that’s tough to access when we’re only thinking of ourselves!

This month, Derek is participating in the Tour of Sufferlandria to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s. In this video, Derek talks about the foundation, the tour, and what it means to train for something beyond ourselves.

What external motivators keep you going after you hit a wall in training? After you watch the video, identify your own Level One Motivators and post to the comments, or to social media using the hashtags #LevelOneMotivator and #LevelOneLife.

To donate to Derek’s goal of raising $500 for the Davis Phinney Foundation, click here. Thanks for your generosity and support!

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