Throwing Anchors: Pulling Yourself to Your Most Audacious Goals

Systems are a key ingredient to success in goal achievement across all six focus factors. Whether it’s losing weight, paying off debt, building wealth, or completing your first race, the success systems we build in fitness, finance, food, finance, faith, family, and fun all start with one concept – Anchoring.

Anchoring is making a commitment to an event or activity in the near(ish) future and pulling yourself toward it. The event needs to be audacious enough to make you excited, and even a little nervous. You should want to keep working toward your anchor every day, and you can throw out mini-anchors in the interim to keep you motivated!

In this video, Derek talks about anchors he’s thrown in his life in finance, fitness, and food, and gives you tools for throwing your own anchors. What anchors do you have out right now that you’re pulling yourself toward?

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One thought on “Throwing Anchors: Pulling Yourself to Your Most Audacious Goals

  1. Love the anchoring concept Captain Derek!
    Fitness Anchors – Freeze Out 5K- 1 month, Old Forge 5K -8 months
    Full steam ahead!


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