Focus Friday: Don’t Let the Fun Times Slip By

Life is hectic. Sometimes it’s all we can do to hold on and get through without losing our marbles. Unfortunately, when we don’t lift our heads up to enjoy the fun moments with friends and family when we have them, those moments can slip by unnoticed. Moments turn into days, day into weeks, and weeks into years, and we’re left wondering – where’d all the fun go in my life!?

This week, Stephanie talks about an annual family tradition that helps memorialize those moments – creating memories viewing memories! How do you celebrate the fun times in your life? Do you capture them or let them slip by? What might you change as you focus on fun this week? Post in the comments with your thoughts or respond on social media using #LevelOneLife and tag @LevelOneLife while you’re at it!

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One thought on “Focus Friday: Don’t Let the Fun Times Slip By

  1. Absolutely love the annual family video viewing. We should take a picture of us sitting looking at pictures of us during this years viewing. LOL


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