SERVE: 5 steps to world-class service

Ritualize and practice these five concepts to nurture sustainable, world-class service in your organization and your life. If you interact with people on any level (i.e. students, clients, customers, other team members, bosses, or family) – identify your strengths (value proposition) and use this method to build high-quality, loyal relationships.

Keep it Simple

World-class servers keep things simple for the customer. They understand that the customer is usually not interested in getting an education on the product they want to purchase or the service they need rendered. They are paying the service representative (you) to take complicated solutions and deliver or explain them in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Of course, if a client is requesting more information, you should be prepared by following the next step.

Be the Expert

Seek out knowledge and education in your field. It’s your job to have the answers, or at least know where to find them. Don’t put it on the customer to solve problems you should be helping them solve.

Be Reliable

Show up on time. This alone goes a long way. Spot-check and quality control your work. You are a brand representative for an organization that helps people fill a need – act like it. When you say you’re going to do something or be somewhere, do it. Let your yes be yes.

Be Valuable

Show your client/customer/student that you are more than a tech/provider/teacher. Show them you are on their team. Take ownership of their problem and solve it with the same passion and vigor that you would solve your own. Make it difficult for your client to leave you for a competitor by showing them the care in your work.

Be Engaging

Nobody likes a distant jerk. Do you and your organization and yourself a favor – treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Smile, ask questions, and engage your clients on a human level. They are people, not transactions.


Look for opportunities to SERVE today!


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