The Silver Lining of Pain

Many of us have a hard time naturally embracing change.

Change represents volatility, volatility makes us uneasy – it causes stress, induces a fight or flight response, and generally throws life out of balance.

As a general rule, we try not to rock the boat – but sometimes, we have no choice in the matter and the boat gets rocked for us.

Disease, natural disasters, violence, loss, lay-offs, addiction – these are all things that live in a place called ‘rock-bottom,’ and it’s a place we actively try to avoid.

The silver lining: Extreme change for good often comes as a result of extreme times of trial.

The human spirit is resilient, like a heavy-weight boxer – it gets back up after being knocked down.

Whether it’s an addict finding a higher-power in their journey to health, a husband and wife strengthening their bond through loss in a miscarriage, or a community being inspired by the strength of one of their own fighting cancer – extreme emotion and extreme pain requires us to step back and re-assess. It requires us to adjust, organize, and act.

Let’s think back on some of the events in our lives that have caused us the most pain. What have these experiences taught us about strength, love, perseverance?

Pain calls on the human spirit to grow and to manifest itself into action.

Some of the best things in life come as a result of the worst things.


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