Focus Factor Self-Assessment Tool

We’re very excited to introduce a new tool to help you lead a Level 1 Life full of of purpose, spirit, and well-being!

Find your focus today, with the Focus Factor Self-Assessment Tool™.

This self-assessment tool is meant to be simple – just grab some crayons, markers, colored pencils, or a pen/pencil, go to a quite place where you won’t be interrupted for 10-20 minutes, and follow the three instructions.


Q: How can I judge my level of fulfillment in each of the focus factors?

A: This is a question only you can answer. It requires you to decide what variables determine success in each category (i.e. paying off debt for finance, eating more vegetables for food, etc…). To the extent that you are reaching your current goals, fill in the pie-piece. Filling in a pie-piece all the way means that you are 100% satisfied with your current place in that area.

Q: How often should I do the self-assessment?

A: Every three months, and your goals can and SHOULD change every three months as you progress. (i.e. if you pay off all of your debt, you can set a new finance goal, like starting to save for retirement)

Q: Why three months?

A: We have found that three months is a great amount of time to establish realistic, trackable goals. You can make progress on just about any goal in three months. Conversely, the longer the time-horizon on goals, the higher the chance of external variables entering that we can’t account for initially that may take us off track. The three month point is a good milestone to reflect, re-assess, and establish refreshed goals.

Q: Any tips on breaking down three-month goals into daily activities?

A: The three-month goal should be measurable enough that it can be broken down into daily activities. Each daily goal (activity) should be easy enough to accomplish without significant strain, and should be based on your busiest day’s schedule, not your lightest. Some examples of daily goals may be: eat at least three vegetables, talk to my spouse about money for five minutes, take a 10-minute walk on a work-break, read one verse from the Bible, etc…

As always, if you have questions or success stories, reach out via the Connect page.

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