The Virtues of Simplicity

How many of us have bought that new high-tech remote control to find we really only use the power, volume, and channel buttons?

Do any of these scenarios ring a bell:

  • Loaded features in your car? How many do you utilize on a daily basis?
  • Bluetooth capabilities on your phone? How many times a day do you connect your Bluetooth headset for conversations?
  • Ever walk into a gym for the first time, notice the hundreds of machines that work out every muscle group in your body, and head straight to the treadmill?
  • Still waiting to start investing until you figure out how all those mutual funds work in your plan options?
  • Of the average 39,500 products carried in a grocery store – how many do we actually use?
  • All-you-can eat buffets: loaded with choices, yet we always end up with 2 or 3 foods on our plate.

Have you ever been asked to create something out of nothing with absolutely no constructive guidelines or instruction? How much easier is it to create when we are introduced to even one hint of a conceptual framework?

We LOVE the idea of choices, but we HATE the process of learning to choose.

We crave the complex, but more often consume the simple.

And why wouldn’t we? Simple typically doesn’t let us down. Simple doesn’t require a user manual. Simple is proven, and simple gives us more time to do something else that is usually more important.

Simplicity = Freedom

More choices usually means more time spent analyzing your decision, only to end up with the same meal you would have chosen on a much simpler menu – just order the chicken tenders already and get to the fun stuff.

Let’s embrace the simple to make room for the important.

Let’s not major in minor things.

Sometimes less can lead to so much more.

Woman Holding Red Apple and Green Peach


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