The Push Up Tree

The push-up tree is the point in my run where I stop and do 50 push-ups before continuing.

The tree represents adversity on the horizon, but I know it’s coming. I know when I get there, there’s going to be some hard work, yet I run toward it anyway.

At first, the push-up tree was an inconvenience in my day – a bump in the road, a chore that needed doing before I could get back to the real work.

Now I see it for what it is – a well-placed PIVOT that re-engages me in the value of the task, an intentional interruption to refresh the routine. After those 50 push-ups, I am ready to run again.

We may not like stopping to do the hard stuff, but we always feel better afterwards.

Now I look forward to the chance to diversify my workout, work on upper body strength, and challenge myself to do better each time I get to the push-up tree.

Where are your push-up trees? Run toward them enthusiastically.

Own the hard stuff.

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