PROUD: Lessons From the Pride

In all walks of life, let’s be PROUD.

P: Proactive. Have a plan. Be intentional about showing love, spending time, and the choices you make. Today is the day to act. Like the lion, constantly patrol the perimeter of your territory to defend what needs defending, and aggressively push into areas that are new and exciting.

R: Ready. Say yes to what matters. Jump on opportunities – attack them like the lioness in pursuit of sustenance for her family. Put yourself in a position to give your energy, time, heart, and mind to your priorities. Don’t let little things weigh you down – do not major in minor things. Being ready to say yes means: Being physically fit enough to take on the task, being education enough to know the first step, being courageous enough to take it, having confidence in your ability, having faith to follow through, and saying no to the things that will take away your ability to say yes to what matters.

O: Optimistic. Be grateful for what you have. Acknowledge your gifts and ability to use them in any way you can to positively affect your life and the lives of others. U.S. military officer Jim Stockdale was held captive for eight years during the Vietnam War. Despite being routinely tortured by his captors, he maintained afterwards that:

“I never doubted not only that I would get out, but also that I would prevail in the end and turn the experience into the defining event of my life, which, in retrospect, I would not trade.”

U: Understanding. Attempt to see the world through somebody else’s lens before judging, diminishing, or even trying to assist them in any way. Practice empathy and kindness. We all come from different places, and therefore have different representational maps that reflect our perception of what is truth. Help those that need it like the lioness who lets other cubs suckle when their mother cannot provide much-needed milk. It take a pride.

D: Disciplined. Defined responsibilities, processes and rituals drive the pride’s daily work-life, giving them time for relaxation and play. Discipline will set you free. Read how here.

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