Discipline Equals Freedom

Think of discipline as a hot-air balloon, the structure holding together the chaos of daily life, allowing lift. Without the nylon material, the vessel for the air, we would all be grounded.

-Daily discipline in budgeting tells you where you in your monthly financial walk, and lets you know what you can do without guilt going forward.

-A disciplined exercise routine takes the guesswork out of when you’ll work out and what you’ll do. Having a routine blocked out will give you the freedom to plan the rest of your day knowing you spent time on you.

-Discipline in your diet unlocks mental and physical energy that allows you to be more productive when you need to be, and to spend more quality time with you family and friends.

-Discipline in faith opens your heart to a greater purpose, design, and meaning. Napoleon Hill called it “unlimited intelligence.”

In all of these cases, having discipline only gives us freedom, it never takes. We always have the freedom to choose. The irony of consistently choosing destructive behavior is that eventually we will be so mentally or physically unhealthy that we lose the ability to choose.

In other words, discipline equals freedom.

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