Studies have shown that there are both positive and negative types of stress. Negative stress is the type we all think about when we hear the word “stress.” It can lead to burn-out, weight-gain, sleep disruption, depression, and so on.

Positive stress is called eustress, defined as moderate or normal psychological stress interpreted as being beneficial for the experiencer.

What types of stress can you identify as natural and positive in your life?

Deadlines can be a positive stressor (or negative depending on how you react to them).

Money can certainly be a negative stressor if you’ve reached a point where remedial action is necessary. On the flip side, too little eustress about money can lead you down a road of apathy and misuse of debt in the first place!

Most people see self-doubt as a negative stressor, but without it what would drive us to practice, write, rehearse, analyze, etc…isn’t the possibility of failure actually a motivator to relentlessly get better? (self-doubt being wholly different from self-degradation/depression here)

The bottom line? Lower negative stress in areas you can control. Before you do, identify and embrace those stresses in your life that are eustress (positive). Own them, understand them, use them to your advantage.





2 thoughts on “You-Stress

  1. The seduction to label any emotion as negative or positive is a tension in itself and a trap.
    How I am feeling is simply how I am feeling… ( Love, Joy, Fear, Anger, Anxiety)
    Once I accept and embrace the emotional energy that is freely flowing through
    me in every situation, I can tap into, harness and channel emotional energy with a healthy intention.

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