Marketing versus Selling

“Marketing myopia” is a term coined by Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt. It describes the short-sighted practice of companies that view marketing as the goal of selling specific products rather than from the standpoint of fulfilling customers’ needs.

Selling is often a by-product of a business that values volume over relationships. It is an inside-out approach. Quotas, bottom lines, and high pressure are often associated with this paradigm. When this is the culture of a company, things like this can happen:

True marketing, on the other hand, focuses on fulfilling a customer’s need. It is an outside-in approach. Marketing adapts with need instead of attempting to convince people they still need outdated solutions.

Which approach does your culture embrace? 
Do you approach personal relationships with a selling mentality (what can I get out of this relationship) versus a marketing mentality (what needs of yours can I fulfill today)?

One thought on “Marketing versus Selling

  1. Selling and Marketing both go away when we realize there is no outside or inside and control of another person is simply an illusion. Only mutual acts of service exist in authentic businesses.
    There are simply two people that honestly and fully represent their needs to each other. When they agree to meet each other’s needs it is because they both can see it will be mutually beneficial to do so…. Both serve each other and long lasting authentic relationships are then formed. Money, Talent and Energy are shared resources which are not confined within any one given organization.


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