The Best Version of You

We’re all hearing it right around this time of year:

“Make changes now and become the best version of you!”

What a ridiculous statement. The problem with this idea is that it immediately asks us to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves. There is no gratitude, contentment, or health in this statement.

Instead of constantly focusing on what we’d like to change about our lives, let’s focus on the gifts we’re given every day: Our bodies, our abilities to work to support ourselves and our families, our unique characteristics that make us a limited edition, 1 and only version of ourselves.

Sure, we can set goals to improve things about how we look, how much we weigh, how we feel, how much money we have, and how we interact with others. These are noble intentions, but never at the expense of our self-worth today.

You are loved. You are awesome. You are just as you should be at this moment.

The best version of you is the you that you are today.

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