Formula for Fitness Success in 2017

When it comes to fitness (and food), fads abound. It’s at about this time of year that gyms will see memberships skyrocket, then taper off by the end of February.

This is an example of our “quick-fix” mentality in action. We find ourselves using microwaves when we should be using crock-pots.

Folks go to the gym for a month and expect results – unfortunately that’s not generally the way it works. Just as in finance, success is a product of focused discipline over time:

Focused Discipline

I have done CrossFit for over five years (not a fad), because we’ve found that we are able to plug that program into the formula above. Everyone is different, and maybe you can achieve similar success with other programs, such as beach body, P90X, dancing, spinning, or a custom program working with a trainer at a gym. You most likely already know some fantastic, knowledgeable trainers within your own network or in your local area. Spend time reaching out and asking about next steps.

When it comes to your actual long-term fitness, follow the formula above and avoid the “February fizzle” in 2017!

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