Are you looking for an engaging, passionate speaker for your next event? Derek Brainard has years of experience speaking and coaching in both the private and social sectors. As an Accredited Financial Counselor®, Derek’s ability to break down the complicated world of personal finance into simple, actionable steps and has helped thousands achieve success on their journey to financial peace. As founder of Level 1 Life, Derek’s Focus Finder tool transforms our greatest aspirations into daily activities, and he’s excited to share this process of self-discovery with you and your tribe!


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Finding Your Focus
In our fast-paced overwhelming culture, our values can often take a back-seat to the work, stress, and distraction of the “daily grind.” Bring your personal priorities back into focus by using the Focus Finder™ during this engaging workshop to anchor your values to actionable, daily tasks. Learn about the six focus factors, the link between health and wealth, and how to build a solid foundation for a more focused and fulfilling future.

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